Helping youth connect with nature can help heal wounds, open them up to new experiences and broaden their view of the world and how they fit into God’s extraordinary creation.

It has been proven that using one’s hands to dig and feel soil can release stress. The ability to extract weeds and to make way for new growth is a powerful parallel to the human spirit. To observe the beauty that derives from nurturing, pruning, fertilizing, watering, and good soil allows all of us to have a deeper understanding of hard work, compassion, forgiveness and the blessings of staying planted on rich, firm ground.

Each summer, as we embark on a new season of preparing, planting, nurturing and reaping a bountiful harvest, we focus on obtaining life lessons that God generously bestows upon us.

In Matthew 13 Jesus shares the parable of the farmer that sowed seed that fell on poor soil and the advantages of producing crops on “good soil”. He shared this illustration to show, to those that listened, a valuable lesson of choosing a successful path in life.

The horticulture program teaches the children of Mountain States Children’s Home the skill of preparing the soil, planting seed, watering, pulling weeds, and general maintenance to give the plants the best opportunity to grow, not unlike the processes that make people productive and useful.More than giving them these important skills is the opportunity for them to be taught a lesson for the future as they learn some of the principles of living through Bible scripture.

James 3:18 – Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.