Students Make Incredible Progress at MSCH School

Counselors use the opportunity to learn through a one-on-one approach by giving the children tests to measure their strengths and weaknesses. Staff discovered that many of the children suffered in education because of poor behavior or because they felt that they had fallen too far behind to ever catch up to their grade level. Their curriculum is then based on the best-course education path to fulfill the requirements of graduation while incorporating key elements that lead to success in academics and life in general:

  • structure
  • study and organizational skills
  • accountability
  • respect
MSCH Class Session

Class in session at the MSCH On-Campus school

All students are measured on behavior and work levels each day in class and their performance is documented with a sheet that is sent home every night so the house parents are aware of the progress of the children.

The program has been created to address the individual needs of each child, trying to help them regain their academic level. Upon entering the school and by the time a child leaves there is a marked improvement in their abilities. The average progress a child makes in one year at MSCH is 3.7 years of cognitive ability. This means that their ability to understand concepts and accomplish the work in increased. They become more confident in their abilities and they gain in overall self-esteem. The children may not be proficient in all areas but they learn study and organizational skills that will help them in returning to public school.