MSCH Gets Results

The success of Mountain States Children’s Home program is found in the positive outcomes of our children. Once our children change in behavior and understanding our goal is to reunite them with their families or help them step out on their own. The Mountain States Children’s Home program is based on several parts that work together in balance to give children and families assurance and eventual trust. We have found that if the program is followed by parents and children, there will be a high chance of success.

Here are recent results from key areas:

  • Care provided for 23 children
  • 100% High School Graduation Rate
  • 2 children went on to college
  • 8 children returned home successfully
  • 83% MAAS Success Rate (Multidimensional Adolescent Assessment Scale)
  • Students make up 3.77 grade levels in one year at MSCH

Balance of Programs

Mountain States Children's Home Balance of Programs

Mountain States Children’s Home is committed to help move children from pain to promise.  One way that this is accomplished is through successful programs that bring consistency and balance to a child’s life.

The programs are focused on a child’s opportunity to grow through counseling to:

  • find trusting relationships
  • improve social skills
  • recognize potential
  • find success.

Our ultimate goal is to teach children coping skills so that they may reunite with their families one day into a positive home environment.  Programs such as an on-grounds school, counseling, a family home model, training in independent living and college tuition assistance are all a part of the overall objective to improve our children’s lives.  MSCH is faith-based with an emphasis on a foundation of God.  New Opportunities bring the child’s potential into the picture where future prospects can be explored.

The successful programs that teach the importance of a balanced life are: