Frequently Asked Questions – Placement

1. How do I begin the intake process? What is the timeline?

The initial step of the intake process is to thoroughly review the criteria on the Place Your Child page. If your child meets the criteria described, you will then complete the Intake Inquiry, which is linked at the bottom of that page. Once submitted, an email will be sent to the Director of Professional Services, who will review the information.

The timeline for the intake process varies based on the information provided and if additional information is requested. Be prepared to provide the most recent report card, IEP, and/or 504 plan. Additionally, you will be asked to provide the most recent psychological testing results, discharge summaries, etc., as it pertains to your child.

The Director of Professional Services will send an MSCH Child Application to the family of the perspective child. The family will thoroughly complete the application and then return for review. The review of the application may prompt additional questions and/or information.

The Director of Professional Services will work with the family of the perspective child to set up an interview with the child and pertinent family members (i.e., mother, father, grandparents, etc.), which will be conducted in person or through video, depending on the location of the family.

If a child is deemed appropriate for placement, the family will be offered placement and a time and date will be offered.

The beginning of the process to placement can take anywhere between two weeks and two months, depending on openings, availability of the family, and location of the family.

2. Do you accept out-of-state placements?

Yes, we accept out-of-state placements, but the placement process will take a little longer. Once placement is offered and accepted, the family will work with the Director of Professional Services to complete an Interstate Compact Placement Contract. This contract must be approved by both the sending and receiving states.

3. Is the on-campus school accredited?

No. However, the MSCH Transitional School is overseen by licensed teacher(s). The credits that students earn while attending the MSCH Transitional School generally transfer to other schools without issue.

4. Are you a lock-down facility?

No. We are a low-level care facility with an open campus. Children who have acute behavioral problems or have a propensity to run away are not suitable for MSCH.

5. Do you take emergency placements?

No. Refer to the intake process.

6. Do you have openings?

Placement openings fluctuate throughout the year. Once you submit an Intake Inquiry, the Director of Professional Services will communicate with you regarding openings.

7. Do you accept insurance?

No. We work with families on an individual basis regarding their financial commitment.

8. How much does it cost?

Placement at MSCH costs around $5,500 – $6,000 per month per child. As a ministry, we work with each family on an individual basis. The average family commits to paying around $450 – $600 per month. However, some families pay more, and others pay less. We will not turn a perspective child and his or her family away based on finances.

9. How long is your program?

We believe that authentic change takes time. The typical placement is around 12-18 months long.

10. Does MSCH take custody or guardianship?

No. The family retains rights. At placement, the family will sign a Placement Contract, which gives MSCH staff the ability to provide essential care for each child (medical, dental, school, etc.).