MSCH Campus

The setting of Mountain States Children’s Home is a peaceful 155-acre campus that offers a secure and safe place for the children to grow. The farm raises livestock and has plenty of open space for the children to enjoy and learn valuable lessons.

MSCH aerial view from south

There is a therapeutic effect on teenagers in this serene environment as they grow and begin to understand the loving care that they receive from house parents and staff.  They find that living in a large family made up of house parents, their children, and five other residents, they understand that all must take part in doing chores.  They learn that they must be responsible and supportive of other family members who are working on similar issues.

MSCH Houses

Housing at MSCH is based on a family model of care where a house mother and father, along with their biological children, live with six placed children in a loving and nurturing home environment.

Campus School

An integral part of Mountain States Children’s Home is the campus school that was started in 1998.

In 2008, Mountain States Children’s Home completed a new school building allowing for an expanded library and media area, a gymnasium for physical education, a science lab, new textbooks and other areas for the students to work. The school was also built to accommodate student growth in numbers based on future plans to expand campus housing. Prior to the new building, the school was in the basement of one of the residential homes.

campus school at MSCH Colorado

Winger Recreational Center

MSCH recreational building

The Don and Judy Winger Recreational Center is a part of the new school building completed in 2008. This building is used for sports activities and as a meeting place for groups that may come to volunteer or interact with the children. The Cross Fit program, basketball games, pickleball, and volleyball takes place in this building.

Kroenke Sports and the Denver Nuggets donated the basketball goals from the Pepsi Center to be used in this facility. Cross Fit Kul from Fort Collins donated the work out equipment. Dedicated volunteers take time to coach the children.