MSCH Campus Transitional School

A child properly cared for physically is much more likely to excel cognitively and educationally. Our campus transitional school addresses each individual student’s needs and takes them on a path toward success without many of the daily pressures students may face in a public classroom setting. On average, children at MSCH see 3.7 grade levels in academic achievement within one year.

The educational program provided by MSCH helps students catch up, teaches them valuable organization and study skills, and prepares them for re-integration into mainstream schools and society as a whole. As our children stay with our program, there are a number of scholarship opportunities for a higher education and trade school.

Not only does MSCH provide an outstanding education to grow each child in knowledge, but we equip them with a depth of wisdom that will prepare and empower them to navigate life as responsible individuals.

Students Make Incredible Progress 

Many children suffer in education because of poor behavior or because they have fallen too far behind. Tests are administered to measure their strengths and weaknesses and a personalized curriculum is established to fulfill graduation requirements. Other key elements are incorporated including:

  • Structure
  • Study and Organizational Skills
  • Accountability
  • Respect

All students are measured on behavior and work levels each day in class. Their performance is documented with a sheet that is sent home every night so that the house parents are aware of their progress. They become more confident in their abilities and gain overall self-esteem.