Mountain States Children’s Home is Possible Because of You!

Online Funding Opportunities

There are many ways you can help support our kids. Read about them below, then use the Donate button or Set Up Your Donation form on the right (might be below on small screens.)

Donate directly to
Mountain States Children’s Home

Go to the
Pacific Auto Auction website

(303) 287-0691

Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Program

Thank you for helping the children of Mountain States Children’s Home. The Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Program provides a state tax credit for contributions made to a qualifying child care organization or fund. Mountain States Children’s Home qualifies for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit, so you may be able to claim an income tax credit of 50% of your total contribution.

Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Certification (DR 1317) certifying your child care contribution will be sent for qualifying donations.

For more information please review Colorado Dept. of Revenue FYI Publications – Income Tax, Income 35: Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

Check with your tax advisor about this opportunity to help children and also receive this special tax break.

Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store

Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store accepts donated items to be sold to raise money for MSCH. You can also come shop or volunteer to help this special home.

For more Thrift Store information call,


After you select MSCH 0.5% of all or your purchases will go to Mountain States Children’s Home.

Colorado Gives

Held in December of each year, Colorado Gives Day is an all-day event to help nonprofits raise funding. You can also donate through this site all year long. Below are other ways to give through the Colorado Gives website.

You Can Raise Money for Mountain States Children’s Home
By creating a personalized fundraising page, you can enlist all of the people you’re connected with to support the Mountain States children.

Some common ways to use fundraising pages include:

  • You’re running a marathon for a particular cause
  • You’d like people to give donations to MSCH in lieu of wedding gifts
  • It’s your birthday and you’d prefer donations to a charity rather than presents
  • You just feel like making a difference

When you create a fundraising page, you can:

  • Add a personal appeal
  • Upload photos and video
  • Make a custom link to your page
  • Explain why you’d like people to support this effort
  • Set a goal and track your progress
  • Determine when you want the campaign to end

General Gifts

Appeal Gifts

We have created opportunities and reminders through Direct Mail to help our children.

  • First Gift – February
  • Phone Campaign – March-April
  • Spring Appeal – May
  • School Appeal – August
  • End of Year – November

Endowment Funding Opportunities

General Endowment Fund

The General Endowment Fund is a non-restricted reserve fund to be used for cash emergencies and other needs to offset or reimburse operations for unexpected business expenses such as capital projects or special needs as authorized by the board.

Education Endowment Fund

The Education Endowment Fund is used to offset our graduating resident’s educational expenses who desire a post-secondary education at any school, college, or trade school. All earnings are re-invested with withdrawals to be taken at the end of each year, only if needed, and approved by the board, to offset resident educational expenses which have not been budgeted.

Medical Endowment Fund

The Medical Endowment Fund is used to offset those unplanned resident medical expenses that happen with our children. Earnings are re-invested for fund growth and withdrawals are taken at the end of each year, only if needed, to offset these unexpected resident medical expenses.

Mountain States Children's Home