Effective Emotional Care and Support

Most children who enter our home carry with them devastating and traumatic experiences that greatly hinder them emotionally as well as socially. We know that effective care for these areas is absolutely crucial, and we aim to give them more than any behavioral management program alone ever could.

That’s why, in addition to the presence of loving house-parents in our healthy family model, we provide emotional support through professional counseling and therapeutic services. Our children receive individual, group, and family therapy. Our goal is to help them work through past traumas and enable them to develop a healthy core self-identity. Not only do we want them to heal emotionally, but we work to help them develop character and teach them life skills so that they can be a healthy contributing member of society and maintain strong relationships.



Children come to us with a range of problems that may have come about for many reasons, including poor personal decisions and traumatic situations of abuse.  Each child addresses his/her issues with professional counselors and house parent staff by establishing individual goals.  These goals help the children deal with anger and bitterness, overcome personal addiction, understand how to love, hope and discover their full potential.

Building self-esteem is a primary goal to overcoming peer pressure and other past behaviors that lead to poor decisions.  Counselors conduct group sessions to discuss the importance of working together and for each other with house parents and children.

What is accomplished through therapeutic counseling?

Counseling offers children the opportunity to develop their voice. They are provided a safe environment to work through the difficult topics which led them to their current path of decision-making. MSCH counselors develop rapport with the children and work towards developing specific treatment plans pertinent to the individual child. Children are encouraged to develop core honesty, which will help guide their exploration of root issues. MSCH Counselors utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques within the therapeutic setting.


Does MSCH offer Family Counseling?

Family counseling is an essential aspect of the child’s program and MSCH counselors communicate constantly with each child’s parent/guardian. The parents/guardians assume a major role as they invest in their child’s treatment. MSCH counselors integrate family counseling into the therapeutic program when deemed timely and appropriate.


Do the children participate in groups?

Children participate in a variety of groups, based on the current climate of the placed children and the issues currently facing them. Children participate in fitness and horticulture groups and in groups which encourage teamwork, manners, creativity, service and stewardship.


Are children allowed to go on visits?

The counselors work closely with each child, his or her house parents, and parents/guardians in determining the appropriateness of day visits or weekend passes. The parents/guardians are encouraged to support the counselor’s recommendation regarding visitation.


Where do the children go to school?

MSCH staff work collectively to determine appropriate school enrollment for each child. Children will be recommended for public school, Longmont Christian School or the MSCH Transitional School based on academic performance, behavioral issues and trust.


What Does It Look Like?


Individual Therapy

Children meet weekly for individual counseling. Specific treatment goals are developed based on identified problematic areas. The children work on these goals throughout their placement in counseling and through the behavior management program in the cottages. Christian principles are utilized with a therapeutic approach addressing anger, grief, guilt, defiance, the pain and hurt of rejection, peer pressure, loss of direction and other confusion from major emotional trauma.


Group Therapy

Children participate in group sessions with the other placed children. They have the opportunity to learn communication skills and how to build trust in relationships. The children learn the value of teamwork within a family setting, and how to conquer peer pressure. Groups are developed from topics pertinent to the current climate affecting the group of kids in placement. The children participate in therapeutic fitness and horticulture groups. The children are encouraged to take an active role in their therapy.


Family Therapy

Mountain States Children’s Home believes in the development of the family system. Families are encouraged to participate in their child`s therapeutic program with the guidance of the counseling staff. Family therapy facilitates change to reunify families.

ln some instances, children will work towards finding closure, as reunification with family is not a possibility. Family therapy is an important aspect of the treatment process. Children will have the opportunity to move on to success with their families or into independence.


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