How To Give

Your support is what makes our home possible. Please give generously. Thank you!

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How To Place Your Child

Learn about the children we can help and find the placement application.

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How To Volunteer

Over 300 volunteers share in our mission every year. Your time and talents are valuable to us.

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Mountain States Children’s Home Offers Families a New Start

Since 1960, hundreds of children and their families have found hope through the healing environment provided by Mountain States Children’s Home.  By utilizing a multifaceted therapeutic approach, we create a balance of care that provides stability for the children and their families to build upon.

Most of the children who are placed in the care of Mountain States Children’s Home come from chaotic and dysfunctional family situations. Family division, abuse, neglect, lack of parenting skills, or abandonment are some of the situations that lead to lost trust within the heart of a child which turns into feelings of anger and desperation. When trust is restored there is renewed faith in loved ones that promotes healthy family relationships.

Mountain States Children’s Home is not only helping children grow, but is growing into the future with another cottage under construction to help additional children. Please read the information on this website to learn about our mission, our programs, and how to place your child. If you would like to help us with this important work, please read about the ways to help.