Here are some of the average statistics.

Care was provided for twenty-three children
Two are now attending college
Eight children returned home successfully
There were 5,844 days of care given
15,823 meals were served (not including snacks)
816 estimated individual counseling sessions
340 estimated group counseling sessions
408 estimated family counseling sessions

These statistics show just a few of the needs and activities that are being met by donations.

Funding to help children comes from a variety of opportunities, from hosting events, selling farm items, auctions, and individual donations.

• 75% comes from individual donations
• 11% church contributions
• 3% car donations
• 3% donations from the placed parent or guardian support

Donate! to MSCH

• 4-5% grants
• 3-4% business or civic group donations
• 0% government assistance

Opportunities include:

  • Cash, check, credit card (Donate Now on Website)
  • Automobile Donations   (303)287-0691
  • In Kind (landscape material, concrete, house supplies, maintenance, see Wish List, etc.)
  • Change Cans (through business, individual, church, etc.)
  • Monthly Calendar Giving
  • Items that can be sold in auctions for funds or used in the homes
  • Congregational Giving
  • Wills
  • Planned Giving
  • Bequests

Memorials and Honorariums