What Does It Look Like?

Individual Therapy

Children meet weekly for individual counseling. Specific treatment goals are developed based on identified problematic areas. The children work on these goals throughout their placement in counseling, and through the behavior management program in the cottages. Christian principles are utilized with a therapeutic approach addressing anger, grief, guilt, defiance, the pain and hurt of rejection, peer pressure, loss of direction, and other confusion from major emotional trauma,

Group Therapy

Children participate in group sessions with the other placed children. They have the opportunity to learn communication skills and how to build trust in relationships. The children learn the value of teamwork within a family setting, and how to conquer peer pressure. Groups are developed from topics pertinent to the current climate affecting the group of kids in placement. The children participate in therapeutic fitness and horticulture groups. The children are encouraged to take an active role in their therapy.

Family Therapy

Mountain States Children's Home believes in the development of the family system. Families are encouraged to participate in their child`s therapeutic program with the guidance of the counseling staff. Family therapy facilitates change to reunify families.  Reuniting families is an important goal that we strive to reach through our counseling programs.  Family therapy is such an important aspect of the treatment process. Children will have the opportunity to move on to success with their families, or into independence.  In some instances, children will work towards finding closure because reunification with family is not possible.