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About Your Child

Jenay Amanda

          Mountain States Children's Home Cares About Your Child!
This wonderful "home" provides a beautiful, peaceful family environment to help give children the balance they need for a successful life.
"Read More" about a success story from Mountain States Children's Home program.

The Mountain States Children’s Home program success is found in the positive outcomes of our children.  When our children change in behavior and understanding our goal is to reunite them with their families or helping them step out on their own. Various backgrounds are the origins that create the stories of the children that come to MSCH. They can formulate from the shadows of abuse, neglect, rebellion, and abandonment. Poor communication and emotional damage leads to the need for restoration. The witnessing of families torn apart and the need for guidance and intercession is how Mountain States Children’s Home came into existence.  Over fifty-seven years, since our opening in 1960, hundreds of children and families have been guided through some very hard times. Tragic stories have been told that involve the emotional distance of parents from children created by the events of divorce, abuse, attitudes, and behaviors.  These accounts have led to parent’s attempts to find ways to overcome present situations because of desperation that seemed to offer little or no hope to be resolved.
There is hope through the Mountain States Children’s Home program.
The Mountain States Children's Home program is based on several parts that work together in balance to give children and families assurance and eventual trust. We have found that if the program is followed by parents and children, there will be a high chance of success.

Here is a letter from a parent that shares the changed lives that occured in both their child's live and their family.

"My step-daughter is a 14 year old girl that had the misfortune of being dealt the consequences of her biological mother’s alcohol abuse problem.
She has been diagnosed with several different disabilities.

After several attempts to get her help we were led to MSCH. Our daughter was first enrolled in the program at age 12. At this time she was in all special-education classes and still failing or doing poor in most of her classes, in trouble at home and the police were being called out to the house on a weekly basis due to her violent outburst and unsafe behavior. Within a few months we began seeing great improvements in her behavior, she started to even smile again. Once enrolled in school her grades were all up and she gained some of her self-esteem back. Due to the family structure and the guidance provided by MSCH she was able to meet and even exceed her goals.

After a year at Mountain States Children's Home, she successfully completed her program returned home. Through the changes made she attained the levels to be included in the National Honor-Roll Society.  She learned from MSCH to manage her anger and feelings appropriately and became a valuable part of her family.  She was able to effectively manage her anger without losing control.  She gained self-esteem and has gone to college as she continues to move successfully in her life.

"I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate we were to have been able to place our daughter and trust in this program. In our opinion there isn’t anything that you could do better for your son or daughter that is in need of care for one reason or another. MSCH was and will always be a blessing to our family.  Thank You!"

Give Mountain States Children's Home the chance to help you with your child!   

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Jenay Amanda

          Mountain States Children's Home Cares About Your Child!
This wonderful "home" provides a beautiful, peaceful family environment to help give children the balance they need for a successful life.
"Read More" about a success story from Mountain States Children's Home program.

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Mountain States Children’s Home, located north of Longmont at 14780 N. 107th, is a 155 acre setting that offers children and their families a new start. This start begins with the child being placed in a healing environment that provides a multifaceted therapeutic approach. This approach creates a balance of care that provides stability for the child and their family to build upon.
Most of the children who are placed in the care of Mountain States Children’s Home come from chaotic and dysfunctional family situations. Those who are seeking help are generally single parents wanting to have a better relationship with their child, but are at a loss of where to get help. Many are struggling financially, emotionally, and lack parenting abilities to bring their family to a healthy state.
There are many reasons for family problems. Family division, abuse, neglect, lack of parenting skills, or abandonment are some of the situations that lead to lost trust within the heart of a child which turns into feelings of anger and desperation. When trust is restored there is renewed faith in loved ones that promotes healthy family relationships.
Since 1960, hundreds of children and their families have found hope through Mountain States Children’s Home. Through the balanced approach of addressing the different areas that children and families need, families have become reconnected with a new level of respect and love that reunites children with parents.
The Program Balance consists of;
1) A Family Model of living where house parents provide a home environment for up to six placed children along with their own children.
2) Counseling consists of individual, group and family sessions.
3) The Education program helps students who are academically behind improve in their academic ability by an average level of 3.7 years on one year.
4) Spiritual guidance is provided to help build a Godly foundation for healing
We would like to share some of our previous resident comments;
A 17 year old young man comments “Out of the millions of children that could have come to Mountain States Children’s Home I was chosen to come here”.
A 15 year old young lady spoke of the trust that she felt in communicating with staff. “You’re always right there if anybody needs to talk. You’re willing to listen and let people say what they need to say. You help people with their problems and you give out good advice. I can talk to you about my problems because you somehow know exactly what I’m going through and you listen. I don’t think I know anybody else who I can talk to like that. I want to thank you for being there for me and for everybody here.”
In a statement, from an alumnus, about her life at Mountain States Children’s Home she stated, “In ‘the home’ I grew. I got to go to the same school from the time I was 8 until I graduated. I fell in love and had my heartbroken for the first time. I know the kids that I lived with and I have gotten to see them grow up and become good, productive people … mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives. There were a lot of misconceptions about who the home kids were, that we were messed up, juvenile delinquents and that we wouldn’t amount to much. They said that we would fall into cycles and patterns, but the people that I know rose above that and became more. I became more.”
Mountain States Children’s Home is not only helping children grow, but is growing into the future with another cottage under construction to help additional children. Additional support will be needed for operations. Donations and customer purchases at the Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store at 818 Coffman Street in downtown Longmont help provide funding for the important programs for children. Your help would be much appreciated.